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Gallagher & Kennedy’s successful transition to Draftable Legal

  • Draftable Legal’s fast and accurate comparisons and seamless integration with iManage have enhanced Gallagher & Kennedy’s workflow and efficiency.  
  • Draftable’s exceptional customer support and easy deployment processes resulted in a quick and painless transition for Gallagher & Kennedy.
  • Gallagher & Kennedy now has a cost-effective document comparison solution and can rely on Draftable’s fair and flexible pricing.
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GableGotwals chooses Draftable Legal as their preferred document comparison software

  • Draftable’s seamless integration with NetDocuments, the MS Office suite and other key software such as Adobe, enhanced GableGotwals’ workflows and efficiency.
  • GableGotwals’ attorneys found Draftable Legal intuitive and easy to use with no formal training and loved the features available for redline output customisation.
  • Draftable’s wide range of onboarding resources and dedicated support resulted in a fast and painless deployment process across the firm.
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Sparke Helmore’s successful shift to Draftable Legal

  • Direct integration support and rapid development of new features requested by Sparke Helmore.
  • The accuracy, reliability, and speed of Draftable Legal improved workflows while maintaining high performance.
  • The switch to Draftable Legal resulted in immediate cost savings and efficient budgeting with fair and transparent pricing.
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JRT Partnership Streamline Workflows and Enhance Accuracy with Draftable Legal

  • Draftable Legal accurately recognises and displays altered texts for JRT Partnership's legal team.
  • Efficient onboarding process without formal training requirements.
  • Streamlining review/editing processes, leading to improved collaboration, and optimising workflows.
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