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Large organisations use Draftable to compare files and documents side-by-side.
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Law firms and legal teams use Draftable Legal to compare documents in Redline PDFs and Tracked Changes.

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How do I compare two text files with Draftable?

Upload your text files (including Plain Text Files, Rich Text Files, and text from Word documents, Excel files, and PowerPoint documents) into the Draftable launcher, click Compare and see the identified changes. This is the quickest and easiest way to accurately find differences between two texts.

Draftable text comparison interface

Can I compare free text?

Yes! You can easily compare free text from almost anywhere with Draftable Legal. It's perfect for when you only need to review a single paragraph or contract clause, rather than a whole document.

There are three ways to do it so you can choose the method that best suits your workflow:

1. Drag & drop.
You can drag and drop free text from most platforms into the Draftable Legal launcher. This includes text from MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Teams, Slack, and web browsers such as MS Edge and Chrome. Simply highlight the text and drop it into the launcher.

2. “Compare text” icon.
Highlight the text you want to compare and click the “Compare text” button. You’ll see this button in MS Word and MS Outlook.

3. Copy and paste.
You can also copy the text and paste it into the “Text Input” option in the Draftable Legal launcher.

Example of text comparison

Why should I use Draftable over online text comparison tools?

Compare to online widget Draftable's comparison software offers enhanced security and functionality over online services. By processing documents locally, it ensures sensitive information remains private and secure. Additionally, its intuitive interface supports a wide range of file formats, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly document comparison experience.

How does Draftable display text comparisons?

You can choose to view your text comparisons as:

  • Word with tracked changes
  • PDF redline
  • PDF with changed pages only
  • Side-by-side

Can I try Draftable for text comparison for free?

Absolutely. You can start a free five-day trial of Draftable Legal to ensure it’s 100% right for you before purchasing. Start your free trial here.

Can I compare two text files offline?

Draftable Legal is available as a desktop application, allowing for private text comparison on your computer, without the need to share sensitive files with external servers.

The desktop app supports comparison of free text, Plain Text Files and Rich Text files, along with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files.

Draftable also provides a REST API solution and API self-hosted services. Read more here. Contact us here.

Is Draftable secure?

We take security seriously. As an ISO27001-certified organisation, we specialise in document comparison for large organisations with specific security and privacy obligations. We’ll happily with your IT or Dev teams to ensure a secure deployment.

To discuss our self-hosted version or API, Contact Us. Read More About Security.