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With over 2 million comparisons every year, leading enterprises globally are choosing Draftable when it comes to comparing documents
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Optimizing review process of 5,000+ forms using Draftable Desktop

  • Rapid review of 100+ pages per documents
  • Automatic scanning of dozens of form fields
  • Enhanced adaptability to tax code changes
  • 95% time reduction vs. manual review
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How a global tax company saves 1,000+ hours every year with Draftable API

  • At least 1 min saved per document check
  • 60,000 minutes saved every year
  • Quick identification of form updates
  • Rapid adaptability to tax code changes
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Automating legislation document comparisons with Draftable API

  • Rapid scanning of 700+ actions every year
  • Quick pin-pointing of amendment changes
  • Thousands of hours of manual review saved
  • Side-by-side bill comparisons for end users
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Optimizing review of 100,000+ reports using Draftable API

  • 90% time savings on document review
  • Quick identification of report changes
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Differentiating feature on-platform
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Draftable Compare desktop.

Draftable Desktop

Compare documents with ease, from the privacy of your computer.
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Draftable API

Integrate our powerful comparison technologies into your app.
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Draftable Legal desktop

Draftable Legal

legal documents in PDF Redline or Word tracked changes.
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