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Draftable Legal.

The better way to compare legal documents.

Draftable Legal
Draftable Legal
Other legal document comparison software
Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel files
Scanned PDF documents (OCR capabilities)
Free text & text files
Comparison outputs
Word Redline with tracked changes
Word Redline no tracked changes
PDF redline including changed pages only
Side by side (PDF, Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
PowerPoint with tracked changes
Excel via Spreadsheet Compare
Excel redline
PowerPoint redline
In development
Review functions
Interactive Change List
Status tags and notes on changes
Export changes (report)
Three-Pane View
MS Word and Outlook
iManage Cloud/ On-premises
SharePoint Online (including multi-site browsing)
Epona 365
Launching comparisons & uploading files
Single app for all comparison types
Launch from DMS
Launch with "right click"
"Drag & drop" files & text
"Drag & drop" files from DMS
Ability to change document versions (DMS) from within the launcher
Workflow efficiency
User-friendly solution
Perform comparisons in bulk (one-to-many)
Swap from PDF to Word without rerunning
Save comparison output directly to DMS
Email comparison output directly from the viewer
Copy input files and comparison to clipboard
Run default compare workflow with 1-click
At-character / at-word level changes
Ability to identify 'moved text' from a table to free text (and vice versa)
Compare comments
Ability to create multiple rendering sets (Profiles)
Ability to ignore specific comparison elements
Markup styling
Add / remove revision lines
Compare / ignore comments
Customise author of changes
Include / remove summary page
Customise output filename
Choice between executable, per-user & machine-wide
MSI installers
Transferable licenses (not linked to individual users)
Configuration via registry, Group Policy, lnTune, etc
Customer support
Dedicated support expert in a local time zone
Responsive customer support
Responsive to customer requests product roadmap
Training support & materials provided
For disclosure purposes, please note that our assessment of features available in other document comparison solutions is based purely on our market research and is provided for reference only. We recommend that customers conduct their own analysis for their purchasing decisions.

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Can Draftable perform OCR on scanned documents?

Draftable Legal is a document comparison solution built for legal teams. It helps you compare any two documents in a secure desktop application, and highlights (redlines) all differences and changes between two documents for faster and more efficient reviews. Click here to see a sample comparison.

Draftable has provided general-purpose document comparison solutions for over 12 years, with more than 750 customers worldwide. We started building a specific comparison solution for legal teams in 2021, in response to demand from the legal industry, fueled by consolidation in the market. We launched Draftable Legal in 2023, and more than 200 law firms and large organisations have now made the switch. Read more about our customers and case studies.

What makes Draftable Legal different from other comparison tools?

Draftable Legal was developed and continues to evolve in consultation with legal professionals, to meet their specific needs for document comparison. As a result, we’ve built a superior solution that legal professionals love using. Here’s why:

  • It’s accurate – Draftable Legal more accurately detects changes, including moved text and changes at a character level.
  • It’s fast - Our software quickly produces comparisons, especially for longer, complex documents.
  • It’s reliable – You can rely on Draftable Legal to work when you need it.
  • It’s easy to use – With an intuitive design, you can start using Draftable Legal right away with no formal training.  
  • It integrates with legal workflows – Draftable Legal makes your job easy by seamlessly integrating with DMS and key software. It requires minimal clicks to load files and run comparisons and can produce multiple outputs without having to rerun comparisons.  

Why would I use Draftable Legal over Microsoft Word Compare?

The MS Word Compare function is great for simple or one-off comparisons and is familiar and free when you have MS Office installed. However, it’s not sufficient for legal professionals who need a specialist solution for faster, more accurate, and more complex document comparisons.  

With Draftable Legal, you’ll get:

  • Enhanced accuracy – Word Compare has limited accuracy, but Draftable Legal can identify character-level changes and moved text.  
  • Greater workflow efficiency – Draftable Legal seamlessly integrates with key software and major DMS including iManage, NetDocuments and SharePoint.  
  • More supported file types – While Word Compare only supports Word documents, Draftable Legal supports a range of document types including Word, PDF, scanned PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and free text.  
  • Different output types – Draftable Legal has more options for comparison output types, which can be exported, including PDF Redline, PDF Changed Pages Only, and Native Tracked Changes format.
  • Different comparison views – Word Compare only allows you to view comparison output in Tracked Changes. With Draftable Legal, you can view the output in our purpose-built PDF viewer, native Tracked Changes format, or a side-by-side view.
  • Customisation – Draftable Legal lets you customise your output, with options to create multiple pre-set rendering profiles for the whole firm, a specific team, or even individual users.
  • Dedicated customer support - As a specialised software provider, Draftable offers responsive and personalised customer support that enormous legacy companies cannot match. With our customer support teams operating from different continents, we can quickly resolve any issues.  

Draftable Legal also provides a range of deployment options, so you can choose the best option to suit your team’s needs.

What types of documents can I compare and redline?

Draftable Legal supports a wide range of document types including:

  • Word to Word  
  • Word to PDF (including scanned documents) or vice versa
  • PDF to PDF (including scanned documents)
  • PPT to PPT
  • Excel to Excel
  • Free text within an email or document.

What output types are available?

Draftable Legal offers the following comparison output types:

Word and PDF files:

  • Redline as PDF
  • Redline as PDF with changed pages only
  • Redline as Word with tracked changes
  • Side-by-side view

PowerPoint files:

  • PowerPoint as tracked changes (opens in PowerPoint)
  • Side-by-side view

Excel files:

  • Excel (opens in Excel Spreadsheet Compare)*
  • Side-by-side view

*Requires a Microsoft 365 subscription or Office edition with Spreadsheet Compare.

Will Draftable Legal pick up all the changes I need to see?

Accuracy is critical when it comes to comparison software. With over a decade providing comparison solutions, we have developed our proprietary engine to ensure every change is detected, including:

  • Text changes
  • Text styling
  • Font changes
  • Layout changes
  • Headers & footers
  • Footnotes
  • Watermarks
  • Cover pages
  • Character level changes (e.g. changing a capital case to lower case)
  • Moved text, including text moved from a table into free text and vice versa

Can I customise Draftable’s redline comparison output?

Yes, you have the power to customise your redline comparison output, through pre-set rendering sets (known as “Profiles”). You can create multiple pre-set rendering profiles for individual users, a specific team, or the whole firm. Profiles can be created, managed, and configured by individual users, and system administrators via Group Policy.  

Supported options include:

  • Ignore or include comparison elements*
  • Show changes at the character or word level
  • Compare or ignore comments
  • Include or exclude comparison summary page
  • Customise the author of changes
  • Customise markup stylings (customise how insertions, deletions, and moves are shown)
  • Include or remove the margin line for locating changes

*Supported comparison elements include: Text styling, font changes, layout changes, headers & footers, footnotes, watermarks, and cover pages.

Can Draftable Legal compare scanned documents?

Yes, Draftable Legal has built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support which enables you to compare scanned documents in PDF format. You can configure your software to perform OCR on scanned files automatically based on detection of scanned files, or configure to ‘never’ run.  

Once OCR is enabled, you can compare scanned PDF files by simply uploading them to the Draftable Legal launcher, with no additional steps required.  

Does Draftable Legal offer an offline option?

Draftable Legal is delivered securely through an offline Desktop Application. You can buy licenses for your team, and use Draftable Legal privately on your desktop.

What are the deployment options?

Draftable Legal offers a range of deployment options so you can choose the best option for your team or organisation:

  • Default installer (Regular Executable): Recommended for most scenarios. It's the easiest to use, has minimal requirements, and is ideal for individual users.
  • Per-user MSI installer: Typically the best option for enterprise deployment.  
  • Machine-wide MSI installer: Only recommended for specific deployment scenarios where the other installers are unsuitable, such as Microsoft RDS and Citrix deployments where a single shared installation is needed, typically for storage efficiency.  

How does Draftable handle security and privacy?

Security is our top priority. We are ISO27001 certified and as we specialise in document comparison for large organisations, we can cater to teams with obligations around privacy and security. We will gladly work with your IT and Dev teams to ensure a smooth deployment process. Contact us to discuss our self-hosted version or API, or read more about our Security.

Do you have sales & support teams in my region?

Draftable is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, but we have a global team. Our customer support teams, sales representatives, and engineers are based across the globe, including the US, UK, EU and APAC, so you’ll enjoy responsive and dedicated support.

What are the pricing options?

Draftable Legal offers fair and transparent pricing. The standard price for an individual license is US$199 per year. We offer volume-based discounting for teams with more than 10 seats. Contact us for more information. See pricing options here.

Is there a free trial available?

You can sign-up online for a free 5-day trial so you can take Draftable Legal for a test run with all features enabled and no limits on usage.  

We also offer extended team trials as we understand that internal processes can take time and we want you to be sure that Draftable Legal is 100% right for you. We often see large organisations starting with a three-week trial.  

For team trials, contact our team and we’d be happy to set it up for you.

How can I purchase Draftable Legal?

Purchasing 10 or fewer licenses: You can purchase instantly online through our webstore, with flexible payment options including credit card.

Purchasing more than 10 licenses: Contact us for volume-based discounts and flexible pricing options.