This is Draftable.

The story about the AI and the people behind the reliable document
comparison solution.
750+ clients
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10+ years
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This is the beginning.

Tim Toner telling the Vesparum  Group brand story.
Draftable is part of the Vesparum Group.
Draftable was founded and is led by brothers Ben and Tim Toner, who maintain control and decision-making at the company. Ben brings the technical expertise (PhD in quantum physics from Caltech) while Tim brings the commercial acumen (previously an investment banker at Macquarie Group and Lazard). Draftable’s parent company, Vesparum Group, was founded in 2012 and has a long-term vision to unlock human potential by using AI and capital as a force for good. 

The Toner brothers do not return calls from VC or PE funds and instead bootstrapped the company to retain their vision’s independence and make choices based on long-term value, not short-term returns. 

Inspired by advances in human DNA sequencing, Ben recognised an opportunity to dramatically improve document comparison technology. The resulting approach surpassed existing standards and became the foundation for Draftable's world-class document comparison capabilities.

This is who we are.

Meet some of our 60+ team members across the world.

Our AI experts.

Ben Toner

Co-founder & Chief Scientist
Ben is an expert in machine learning, data science, software development and quantum computing. Ben has a PhD and Master of Science in Physics from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics from the University of Melbourne, where he currently holds an honorary position as a Fellow in the School of Physics. Ben previously worked at the Dutch National Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam.​ He was previously Chairperson of Effective Altruism Australia.​

Andrew Bird

Lead AI Engineer​
Andrew designs and builds deep-learning AI solutions at Draftable. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Actuarial Science from the University of Melbourne. He is an Actuary (FIAA and CERA) and data scientist with a broad expertise across full-stack development and a range of languages. Andrew has overseen the development of the Draftable web backend, working extensively on the customer facing APIs. He is constantly experimenting with novel ways to solve business problems with bleeding edge AI tech.

Oliver Chambers

Algorithm Lead​
Oliver is an expert in designing algorithms and building statistical models using AI and traditional techniques. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (FIAA) and has worked previously as a Senior Consulting Actuary at Deloitte specialising in Life Insurance and M&A. A University of Melbourne alum, Oliver holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree, majoring in Actuarial Science.
Experts in our respective fields working together.
Draftable Legal is the product of close cooperation between a team of passionate comparison software developers and a group of enthusiastic legal professionals. Our developer team made sure it all worked seamlessly, and the legal team ensured that its features match precisely what legal departments need in everyday work.
Based in Australia. Serving the world.
Draftable serves a worldwide client base. More than 50% of our customer base are in North America. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, but have team members in all time zones to deliver fast and reliable document processing solutions wherever they are needed.
Making our own decisions.
We are entirely founder-led. We do not plan on changing that. Draftable and Draftable Legal are here to stay.
Answering only to you.
Catering to our clients is our top priority. We make it our goal to provide unmatched customer support in terms of quality. Draftable Legal is the result of conversations, surveys, and feedback from our clients. We'll always listen to you.

This is not the end.

We are only starting. Our teams constantly try to find new ways to apply technology to make different document processing tasks easier, faster, and more accurate. Book some time with our team of experts and tell us
the story of your business.