Draftable: The Enterprise-Grade Document Comparison API

Use our diff checker API to compare popular document types: PDFs, Word & PowerPoint

Self-hosted solution available

Draftable API is a simple REST API built for developers.

Side by Side View

Our side-by-side view lets you track changes in seconds. As you scroll, both docs stay in sync.

Single Page View

Switch to a single page view to see all changes in a redline view. Lawyers especially love this time-saving feature.

Change List

See every change together in one list. Click on a change that interests you, and you’ll be taken to that point in the doc.

Export to PDF

Export comparisons to PDF format for easy sharing with others. Available with both single-page & side-by-side view

Content & Text Style Changes

It’s not just about content. See changes to text styles like font, font size, bold & italics.

Powerful API

Integrate with your platform within minutes. Client libraries and comprehensive docs available.

End-to-end encryption

Your documents are important. We use enterprise-grade security at every stage, in transit and at rest.

Enterprise Ready

Battle-hardened and heavily tested, Draftable has been used to compare over 10 million documents. Service level guarantees available.

Self-Hosted Option

Built for on-premise deployments. Our self-hosted solution ensures the confidentiality and privacy of your data is guaranteed.

Trusted by enterprises globally

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Self-hosted Options

Draftable API Self-hosted is built for on-premise deployments. It is supplied as a virtual appliance and comparisons run entirely in that appliance. That means the confidentiality and privacy of your data is guaranteed.

If you aren't sure you need an on-premise solution, we recommend starting with our Draftable-hosted option. Both options provide the same API, so it's easy to switch to Draftable API Self-hosted at a later date.
Interested in Draftable API Self-hosted? Great!
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Easy integration

If you are working in C#/.NET, Java, Python, or Node.js, our client libraries make integration easy.
From other languages, you can still use our simple REST API.
1. Send a request with the two files you want to compare.
// Example POST request to https://api.draftable.com/v1/comparisons
   "left": {
       "display_name": "Julia Gillard - Standards of Ministerial Ethics.rtf",
       "source_url": "https://api.draftable.com/static/test-documents/code-of-conduct/left.rtf",
       "file_type": "rtf"
   "right": {
       "display_name": "Tony Abbott - Statement of Ministerial Standards.pdf",
       "source_url": "https://api.draftable.com/static/test-documents/code-of-conduct/right.pdf",
       "file_type": "pdf"
   "public": true
2. Draftable returns a viewer URL.
3. Embed the viewer into your app with an iframe.
<iframe src="https://api.draftable.com/v1/comparisons/viewer/QqnpkT/ZjpBuiXb" allowfullscreen></iframe>
That's it!
See the documentation to get started with the API.

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