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Compare PDF, Word, PowerPoint & Excel documents side by side on your computer

Draftable Desktop 2.0 is now available - faster and more powerful than ever!

Confidential and private

Comparisons don't use the internet and your documents never leave your computer.

For secure collaboration, export the comparison as a PDF, and share a password protected version of the output

Secure collaboration with anyone

Use our powerful solution to enhance collaboration
  • View comparisons in your native PDF viewer
  • Built to enable secure internal and external collaboration
  • Our export to PDF feature enables you to easily share comparisons
  • Exported PDFs able to be password protected for increased security

More features

Side by Side View

Our side-by-side view lets you track changes in seconds. As you scroll, both docs stay in sync.

Single Page View

Switch to a single page view to see all changes in a redline view.

Change List

See every change together in one list. Click on a change that interests you, and you’ll be taken to that point in the doc.

Export to PDF

Export comparisons to PDF format for easy sharing with others. Available with both single-page and side-by-side view.

Content & Text Style Changes

It’s not just about content. See changes to text styles like font, font size, bold and italics.

Enterprise Ready

Battle-hardened and heavily tested, Draftable has been used to compare over 10 million documents. Service level guarantees available.

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