How Appraisal Logistics optimized review of thousands of appraisal reports using Draftable's API solution


Nationwide appraisal management company


  • 90% time savings on document review
  • Quick identification of report changes
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Differentiating feature on-platform


Every financial institution has to conduct appraisals of real estate and other properties — and those appraisal processes must remain compliant with a wide range of state and federal regulations.

Across all 50 states of the US, financial firms rely on Appraisal Logistics to manage the appraisal process. The company’s staff of industry experts design custom-tailored workflows for hundreds of lenders, built around their secure web-based platform.

“I'm really impressed with Draftable's speed and accuracy in detecting tiny changes to reports. It's given us exactly the functionality our appraisal review department needed."

Mick Tindall, Lead Developer, Appraisal Logistics Solutions

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