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Draftable - Word Documents Comparison tool


Large organisations use Draftable to compare Word documents side-by-side and see the differences highlighted.
Draftable Legal - The way to compare docs(Word) Files

Draftable Legal

Legal teams use Draftable Legal to compare Word documents in redline in the PDF viewer or in Word with tracked changes.

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With over 10 million comparisons, leading enterprises globally are choosing Draftable to compare Word documents.

“The team were impressed from day one, and even more so when our feedback was integrated into the product so swiftly.”

– Lee Hodge,
IT Director, Sparke Helmore
“We were impressed by its ease-of-use as the team was able to start using the Draftable Legal software from the first time, with no formal training”.

- Sarah Simmonds,
Practice Manager, JRT Partnership
“I'm really impressed with Draftable's speed and accuracy in detecting tiny changes to reports. It's given us exactly the functionality our appraisal review department needed.”

– Mick Tindall,
Lead Developer,
Appraisal Logistics Solutions

What are the different features
between  Draftable and Draftable Legal?

Draftable Legal
Compare Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and Excel files
Compare scanned PDF documents
Word with tracked changes
PDF redline
PDF with changed pages only
PowerPoint with tracked changes
Excel via Spreadsheet Compare
Excel via Spreadsheet Compare
Side-byside view
iManage Cloud
iManage on-premise
Markup configuration
Hide non-substantive changes
Compare/ignore comments
Change markup text styling
Customise changes author
Compare/Save rendering sets (Profiles)
Tag, annotate and export changes
Delivery Method
Desktop Application
API (API self-hosted)

Frequently asked questions

How do I compare two Word documents with Draftable?

Upload your Word files into the launcher, click Compare, and see the differences highlighted. Read more here.

here to see a sample comparison.

What types of differences can Draftable detect and how does it display the differences between two Word documents?

Draftable can detect changes in Word text content, fonts (family size & colour), styling (e.g. bold, italics), and layout (alignment, indentation). It can also find differences in complex elements like tables, text boxes, hidden text, footnotes, and endnotes.

Why do I need it – I can use Word Compare?

Draftable has a broader file compatibility than Word Compare and support a wide range of file formats for comparison. Both Draftable and Draftable Legal can handle PDFs (including scanned documents), PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and even free text, without the need to convert them into Word format first.

If you’re using Draftable Legal, you’ll get greater accuracy over Word Compare, by detecting changes at a more detailed character level in addition to word-level changes. Unlike Word Compare, it also identifies text that has been moved and edited.

You’ll also get greater workflow efficiency when using Draftable Legal over Word Compare. Draftable Legal integrates seamlessly with essential software such as Word, Outlook, and Document Management Systems. This integration reduces the number of clicks required to run a comparison. It speeds up subsequent tasks, like uploading files for comparison or sending comparison results and relevant input files directly from Draftable with a single click.

How to compare multiple Word documents or sensitive files offline?

You can choose how your document comparison solution is delivered.

Online – Great for quick, free comparisons right here in your browser.  

Desktop Application – Use this method to compare a lot of documents with ease from the privacy of your computer, without uploading your files to a third-party server. Alongside the MS Word and PDF options of the online comparison tool, the desktop option offers Excel, PowerPoint and Rich Text File capabilities.

Unlike the free online tool, the desktop app operates on a subscription basis. Start a five-day free trial and put it through its paces to see if it’s something you want to invest in.  

Draftable Legal is also delivered via a Desktop Application. If you need legal document comparison features like Redline or Word tracked changes, choose Draftable Legal.

You can start a five-day free trial  

API (API self-hosted)
– If you need to embed Draftable within another application or run comparisons via API request, we have a REST API solution. If you require additional security, we also have API self-hosted services. Read more here. Contact us here.

Do I need a Microsoft 365 subscription to compare Word documents with Draftable?

You don’t need a Microsoft 365 subscription to use Draftable Online or API.  

When using Draftable Desktop, you can compare Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents using Office 2007 or later (including 365 and non-365 versions).

To use the 'Export to Track Changes' feature on Draftable Desktop, you will need Office 2013 Pro Plus or later (including Office 365).

See the full list of system requirements for Draftable Desktop here and for Draftable Legal here.

What about security?

Draftable takes security seriously. We are ISO27001 certified and specialise in document comparison for large organisations. We can cater to teams who have obligations concerning privacy and security and will gladly work with your IT or Dev teams to get you up and running smoothly.

To discuss our self-hosted version or API, Contact Us. Read More About Security.