How an Int'l Company Reduced Document Review Time by 95%

Discover how one company used Draftable to optimise the review of 5,000+ forms and save their team hours of manual document checking.

September 25, 2022
When you need to compare documents at scale, you need a comparison tool you can trust.

Imagine a document processing tool featuring a UI so intuitive staff can use it without training. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it’s real; that’s precisely what Draftable offers its customers. Helping people all over the world save countless hours on document comparison and processing, this software can improve your business too! No matter what industry you’re in, everyone can stand to save a few hours on mundane document tasks.


The Company

So many forms, so little time

Recently, a worldwide tax and financial software company decided to give the Draftable software a go to see how it could make their business processes more efficient. Based in the Netherlands, this company has over 15,0000 employees – and vast amounts of time was being wasted on inefficient document processing.

The company provides software solutions and professional information to businesses in an array of industries, from law firms to medical clinics and everything in between. The organisations supported by this company rely on their expertise and tax tools to ensure their finances are in order, which is no small task.

With over 5,000 forms used across the company, consistency checks are key. Specialists on a special team check that their own internal algorithms perfectly match the IRS-provided tax guidelines. This verifies that the calculations on each form are correct, so that client files are 100% accurate.

The Need For Change

So, why did things have to change for this company?

Each year, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) adjusts thousands of tax forms. They are also constantly altering tax return requirements.

Through manual checks, the business was able to offer its clients an accurate and consistent process. They would review each document, spot the changes, and update their internal forms to help clients remain fully compliant.

As you can imagine, manually scouring through official IRS forms to spot a minor change is incredibly time-consuming. But it’s necessary, as when it comes to tax, even the tiniest change can have huge consequences.

Changes to tax forms weren’t the only time that workers at this company had to compare documents. Other instances where staff had to complete comparisons included presentations, client communication, and more. In any scenario where employees are expected to manually cross-reference documents, this leaves the company open to the risk of errors.

While the company was using a tool provided by a well-known PDF software company to compare documents, it often didn’t pick up on changes. This created inaccuracies and the need for manual checking in addition to using the tool.

The company decided it was time to find an alternative – and that’s where Draftable stepped in to revolutionise the document checking process.

The Draftable Solution

Bulk review, bulk time savings

The Draftable Solution: Desktop software enabling bulk upload and review.

As with any investment, you must be confident that it is worth it before you sign on the dotted line. In this case the company completed an extended free trial of Draftable’s desktop software. They were so pleased with the results that they decided to commit to the full on-site license.

Now, tax experts could run secure comparisons directly from their computers, with all information remaining in the company’s network. This data security was crucial for the business, as any tax data leaks can have enormous consequences.

But the best part was the document comparisons; they were easy to learn how to use and completely free from error. The staff could now rely on the automatic’ comparisons to point out any changes and take the hard work out of the document-checking process.

Draftable's document checker made manual comparison a thing of the past.
Draftable's document checker made manual comparison a thing of the past.

Why Choose Draftable Desktop?

You may wonder why the company used Draftable Desktop over the API or online tool, when either of them might produce the same results.

While the three Draftable options use the same difference checking engine, there is one important feature of Draftable Desktop that is exclusive to that version of the software.  Data is not sent to the cloud, but processed right on a client’s own computers. If they would like to securely share the comparison, they can export it as a PDF and even add a password that the recipient needs to enter to open the file. This keeps everything fully confidential.

These features were particularly important to the organisation in question, as they constantly deal with confidential client tax information.


The Result: 95% time reduction in document review

Today, the company never misses a tax regulation update, thanks to Draftable's effective and efficient system.

Every year, they put Draftable Desktop to the test with 5,000+ documents and are pleased to report that the tool never misses a beat. Reviewers can now process bulk loads of documents without error.

The staff love the new software, as it’s effortless to use and  they no longer have to double check whether it has missed any changes. The UI is intuitive, showing a side-by-side comparison of the files with every single change highlighted for the ultimate convenience. Plus, all it takes is a few clicks to run a comparison and search by keywords within a file.

The company sees more five-star reviews from their clients than ever before, thanks to the accuracy the Draftable Desktop tool helps them to achieve.

Draftable's document comparison tool is recognized for speed and accuracy
Speed and accuracy matter when you're processing thousands of forms.

What’s Next For Draftable?

Draftable is constantly looking for new companies it can help. Whether your business is small or large, we’d love to see how our tool can support you in making your processes more efficient. If you’d like to know more about Draftable Desktop and how it could transform the way your staff complete document tasks, get in touch with us today.

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