Draftable Legal partners with NetDocuments to build the right integration for lawyers

Discover how Draftable's NetDocuments integration saves you time by letting you compare documents straight from your DMS.

May 7, 2024
Draftable and NetDocuments develop integration for lawyers

We’ve spent hours talking to legal professionals to understand their legal tech needs. One thing we always hear is that legal tech tools need better integrations with essential software like Document Management Systems (DMS).

A seamless integration between software can drastically improve the speed and efficiency of legal workflows and reduce annoying disruptions. It can also help in avoiding tech burnout, as you don’t have to jump between different software and interfaces.

When we began developing Draftable Legal, we prioritised building integrations with key DMS, like NetDocuments. As a cloud-based document, email, and records management service, NetDocuments is one of the world’s leading DMS for law firms.

“With lawyers spending so much time in NetDocuments, we know it’s important to build strong integrations with key software like Draftable Legal. Our integration with Draftable Legal means NetDocuments users can enjoy faster workflows and save time running and sending document comparisons. It’s been a fantastic experience to partner with Draftable and deliver this integration.

- Reza Parsia, Vice President, Strategic Partner Management, NetDocuments

Building a seamless NetDocuments integration for lawyers

The Draftable team knew that legal professionals spend a big part of their accessing and collaborating on documents in NetDocuments, so we wanted users to have the ability to launch and save document comparisons from where they are working.

We also wanted to make it easy for legal professionals to start using the software immediately, with minimal clicks required to compare documents.  

We partnered directly with NetDocuments, combining expertise to deliver the ideal integration that lawyers needed.

Draftable Product Lead, Dr Caspar Roxburgh, said,

“We were hearing from firms that they loved Draftable Legal but needed a NetDocuments integration to ensure they were getting the most out of our tool. Many firms said it was particularly important to have the ability to save comparisons as attachments and to load files using the right-click menu, so we knew these features were essential when we developed the integration.”

Intuitive feature development

As we wanted users to be able to choose how they like working best, we developed different options for the same function. Here are some of the intuitive features we developed with the NetDocuments team:

  • Loading files in Draftable: Users can easily load files from NetDocuments by clicking the NetDocuments icon in the Draftable launcher.
  • Loading files in NetDocuments: For users that prefer starting a comparison from NetDocuments, they can load files directly from NetDocuments by using the ‘send to application’ function available in the right-click menu or the top ribbon menu.
  • Smart loading to save time: If you’re sending documents from NetDocuments to Draftable using our NetDocuments App, there are three ways to load files, including:
    • Compare: loads only the selected file(s)
    • Compare versions: loads the selected file and opens the Draftable ‘version selector’ menu to quickly add another version or change the version selected
    • Compare latest: smart loads the version selected and the ‘next most recent’ version
  • Automatic ordering of documents: All file loading options use version data to logically order your files in Draftable with the latest version loaded as the ‘newer document’ in Draftable.
  • No regrets with ‘Select Version’: If you selected the wrong version from NetDocuments, or need another version on the next comparison, Draftable provides a 'Select Version’ option which brings up a menu of all versions of a loaded file for users to select from.
  • Saving any comparison output: Users can save comparison exports within NetDocuments without having to save it locally first. You can also choose to save comparisons as redline PDF, changed pages PDF, or Word with tracked changes.
  • Saving as versions or as attachments: Draftable supports saving comparisons to NetDocuments as new files, file versions or as attachments to existing files.
“We received excellent support from the NetDocuments team throughout the integration development, including working with an expert team of developers with a great API and documentation. We joined the NetDocuments partner program as part of our commitment to providing comparison services to NetDocuments users, and we’re thankful to the team for helping us deliver the solution law firms were asking for."

- Brendan McGreevy, Commercial Director, Draftable

Law firms adopting Draftable Legal’s NetDocuments integration


US law firm GableGotwals required a smooth integration between their document comparison solution and NetDocuments, and Draftable Legal emerged as the ideal solution.

With Draftable Legal, the firm’s attorneys were able to upload files into the Draftable Legal launcher directly from NetDocuments or launch comparisons directly from NetDocuments without having to go to the launcher first. They also improved efficiency by being able to save comparison output directly into NetDocuments.

This seamless integration also meant that GableGotwals’ attorneys could quickly start using Draftable Legal on the first go, without any formal training or disruption to their workflows.

"Choosing Draftable Legal was a simple strategic decision for us. Its quality of comparisons, ease of use, and legal workflows-focused features align perfectly with our high standards of client service. The software has enhanced our workflows, allowing for more efficient and accurate results. Our attorneys spend less time worrying about the software and more time on the results.  We strongly recommend Draftable Legal to other law firms.

- Dave A. Kester, Director of Information Technology, GableGotwals

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