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Partners and executives in legal firms across the globe are wary of costly, painful, and time-consuming software transitions, and for good reason.

Earn your trust with transparent pricing.
Streamline your ability to see the product in action.
Deploy more pages.
Make it easy for your IT teams to deploy, enterprise-wide.
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Comprehensive onboarding and customer support.
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In other words, these frustrations will never happen with Draftable Legal:

Hidden costs
Complicated or resource-draining onboarding
Too-good-to-be-true promises
You’ve probably become skeptical that there are any great alternatives to tools monopolizing the market. We’re here to change that.  

If you’re hesitant to make a change, or you’ve been burned before by untested vendors, you’ll want to keep reading.
Start 5-Day free trial
No credit card required, no limits on usage.
The Draftable Legal promise.

The Draftable Legal promise is simple:

Draftable’s original side-by-side comparison solution gained popularity over the past decade with more than 750 global brands, notably in the finance, tech, and insurance sectors.

We know first-hand that as a leader in your firm, it’s your job to consider tools and choose the right ones. We also know that sometimes it’s easier to maintain the status quo than deal with deploying a better option.

So, in addition to building a world-class document comparison solution specifically for the legal field, we’ve put you at the center of the evaluation process.

Want to see what we mean?
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No credit card required, no limits on usage.

You probably know that Draftable Legal was built with unparalleled input from working lawyers.

But you probably don’t know that woven throughout our sales and onboarding process is a tailored commitment to open and honest communication with managing partners, leadership teams, and technology officers who bear the responsibility of making a great decision.
Start 5-Day free trial
No credit card required, no limits on usage.
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Built for lawyers, with simple and transparent pricing.

Draftable Legal
For Windows
$199 USD

per year

If you have more than 10 users,
please contact us for volume discounts.

PDF Redline and Word Tracked Changes output

Compare PDF, Word, PPT and Excel

Scanned documents support with OCR

Integrates with Outlook & Word

Integrates with iManage, Netdocuments, SharePoint and Worldox

Full side-by-side comparison

Start 5-Day free trial
No credit card required, no limits on usage.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at Sarah’s experience:

"With Draftable Legal, even if a single letter in a word is changed, the tool highlights it, unlike the compare tool we used previously, which marked the whole word as deleted or inserted. the team was able to start using the Draftable Legal software from the first time, with no formal training."

Sarah Simmonds,

Practice Manager, JRT Partnership

Frequently asked questions

What is Draftable?

Outside of the legal industry, Draftable has been providing enterprise document comparison software for over 10 years. Our general purpose document comparison solutions has over 750 customers globally who trust us.​​ We began building a specific comparison solution for lawyers in 2021 in response to demand from the legal industry fueled by the consolidation in the document comparison market. Our Draftable Legal product was launched in 2023.

Who are your legal customers? E.g. Other law firms

We have over 750 customers worldwide who use Draftable for their document comparison needs, this includes legal teams and law firms of different sizes in across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. You can read more about our customers and case studies on our website.

Whare is Draftable based? Do you have sales & support staff in my region?

We are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, but with a global team. Our sales representatives, customer support staff, and engineers are spread across global time zones (US, UK, EU, APAC). We deliver fast and reliable document processing solutions to our customers worldwide.

How much training is required to use Draftable?

Draftable is designed with ease of use and an intuitive workflow as a key guiding principle. No dedicated training is required to get started running your first comparisons with Draftable. However, we do offer training videos on using more advanced settings such as configuration of redline profiles.

Will Draftable provide demos or tutorials for my team?

Yes. Draftable offers live and recorded demos and tutorials for end-users. We suggest new customers and those evaluating our software start by reading the quick start guide in our knowledge base.

Can we see your roadmap?

Our product team releases a customer-facing roadmap update every fortnight to communicate our evolving priorities. Access to these roadmaps is provided upon request. Please contact us at

What’s the price for Draftable Legal and do you have discounts?

We provide reasonable and transparent pricing for a high-quality product and excellent service. The price for an individual license is US$199 per year. Volume discounts are available for licenses for over 10 seats. Contact us at for more information.

What else do you do? Do you offer other productivity tools?

Draftable is part of the Vesparum Group - a new kind of AI company that brings together a potent force of AI solutions, with deep expertise in capital markets, to create and deliver client value, and to use AI as a force for good. Parts of the business include:

  • Vesparum Capital - applying AI to equity capital markets, building proprietary databases and predictive models for capital raising transactions;
  • Draftable - a document comparison business. Draftable’s technology was developed by a world-class team with links to Caltech, MIT and Stanford;
  • Affinda - an information extraction and document processing business, which combines document reconstruction technology from Draftable with advances in natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision.

How much time can you give us for trial?

Ease of use, combined with simple and sleek interface, is one of our core commitments. Draftable Legal consistently receives feedback from customers saying it is easy to use even on the first go. Our knowledge base provides step by step guides for all workflows and features, and our team can provide demonstration videos and call on request. Don’t take our word for it - just try it and you’ll see.

Can I provide feedback / request a feature if it is missing?

Our standard trial period is 5 days when signing up online. However, we appreciate that internal approval processes can take time. We want you to be sure that Draftable is the right choice for you and your organization and are dedicated to ensuring that your transition to Draftable is risk-free. Our team are happy to extend the trial period if you require more time for evaluation and approvals. Typically, we see legal customers that contact our team start with a three-week trial.