JRT Partnership Streamline Workflows and Enhance Accuracy with Draftable Legal

JRT Partnership


  • Draftable Legal accurately recognises and displays altered texts for JRT Partnership's legal team.
  • Efficient onboarding process without formal training requirements.
  • Streamlining review/editing processes, leading to improved collaboration, and optimising workflows.
JRT Partnership Streamline Workflows and Enhance Accuracy

JRT Partnership is an established legal practice based in Australia, offering flexible tailor-made legal advice to a diverse range of clients including companies, institutions, not-for-profit organisations, and family groups. As a document-heavy practice, they needed a reliable document comparison tool to review contracts, legal deeds and communications. So, they turned to Draftable Legal, a powerful document comparison tool designed to aid legal professionals.

Searching for document comparison precision  

JRT Partnership had used other document comparison programs with varying success and accuracy and were looking for a more reliable solution. With contracts often stored as PDFs, they were also looking for more efficient document comparison without the need for separate format conversion. The solution would accurately compare documents across multiple formats, reduce risk of overlooked alterations and offer detailed cross-format comparison to uphold professional standards. That is when they decided to trial Draftable Legal.  

"With Draftable Legal, even if a single letter in a word is changed, the tool highlights it, unlike the compare tool we used previously, which marked the whole word as deleted or inserted. Draftable Legal also accurately identifies and displays changes in 'moved' text, even when there are edits within the ‘moved’ sentence."

- Sarah Simmonds, Practice Manager, JRT Partnership

A value-based shift

Transitioning from a free service to a paid solution, meant JRT Partnership needed real value for their investment. Draftable Legal quickly validated its worth with exceptional accuracy, the ability to compare multiple formats and a user-friendly interface.

“We were impressed by its ease-of-use as the team was able to start using the Draftable Legal software from the first time, with no formal training”.

- Sarah Simmonds, Practice Manager, JRT Partnership  

When using Draftable Legal, what particularly stood out is high-quality comparisons and contribution to efficiency when comparing documents for drafting or confirming that a signed document has no changes from the draft. Draftable Pro's responsive customer service and the ability to address customer requests quickly, further demonstrated its worth.  

Success in extensive document handling

Draftable Legal’s accuracy of comparison output and its efficiency in supporting document-heavy workflows has made it an indispensable resource for JRT Partnership. The software has effortlessly incorporated into their daily operations, increasing the speed and precision of document comparison, while also simplifying the process and enhancing collaboration of document review and editing. JRT Partnership's experience highlights Draftable Legal’s exceptional usefulness in legal practices that require extensive document handling.

We recommended firms who are looking for a reliable legal document comparison service to trial Draftable Legal”.

-Sarah Simmonds, Practice Manager, JRT Partnership

"Draftable Legal’s superior performance and responsive customer service establishes them as industry leaders in the document comparison field. Their product stands out particularly in terms of accuracy, and the improved efficiency of document comparison processes as part of the document drafting and review workflow. Exceptional support was provided by the Draftable team, swiftly addressing minor issues during the early testing phase”.

- Sarah Simmonds, Practice Manager, JRT Partnership