9 Things to Look for in a Legal Document Comparison Software (And 4 More Factors to Consider)

When buying a legal document comparison software, you need to ensure your investment pays off. Here's how to tell if you've found a good solution.

August 11, 2023
9 Things to Look for in a Legal Document Comparison Software

Automated document comparison is no longer a useful novelty – it is a necessity for organizations that want to boost their performance and be ahead of their competition. In order to compare documents in the most efficient way, legal professionals should utilize dedicated solutions for legal documentation. However, not every program on the market can perform with the same quality, and the output results may vary greatly, often influencing the outcome of a legal matter. Therefore, it is of high importance to know how to assess the legal document comparison software before investing in it.

Why You Need Legal Document Comparison Software?

Legal matters entail dealing with a myriad of documents – case references, contracts, evidentiary paperwork, among others. And the path from the first draft to the final document involves multiple versions, which often have subtle, yet significant differences.

The alternative to using an automated comparison program is manual comparison. Although this method is familiar to every legal professional, the same familiarity applies to the flaws of manual document comparison. Without the use of legal software, the comparation process is susceptible to errors and inconsistencies. One other major setback is the time required for the completion of such task, especially when processing high volumes of data.

In cases like that, automated legal document comparison software can be highly beneficial and has the potential to streamline the entire workflow in your organization by reducing the need for manual labour. The main function of such a program is to identify and highlight any differences between two versions of a document, saving legal professionals significant time and reducing the risk of manual error.

How to Know You Found the Right Comparison Tool?

Once you’ve realized how much your legal team can improve its productivity by using automated document comparison, it is time for the next step – acquiring the right tool. Implementing a new software into your workflow can require a significant initial investment. That investment can be unsuccessful if the software fails to prove sufficient or if it doesn’t fit your company’s specific needs.

However, a thorough research before the purchase can prevent a disappointing outcome. Before committing to a solution, it’s good to try different options. While testing, you should pay attention to the performance of the tool as well as its features. Here are some things you should consider before installing legal comparison solution.


When looking for a comparison software, accuracy is non-negotiable. The software needs to compare documents without any oversights or misinterpretations to ensure reliability and uphold professional standards. Any minor error has the potential to cause severe issues or even legal disputes.


One of the biggest problems with manual comparison is that it is time consuming. Therefore, the software you choose must be able to solve this. Without speed as its advantage, there would be no point of going through the implementation. The software should be able to swiftly compare legal documents and deliver results, thereby increasing efficiency of your legal team.

Data Security

Confidentiality is a cornerstone of the legal profession and something without what law firms wouldn’t be able to keep their clients’ trust. Therefore, your chosen software should have advanced security features to protect sensitive information. It is always a good sign if there are multiple layers of protection. Additionally, you can make an inquiry to the provides about their protocols for storing customers data.  

Ease of Installation and Use

The thought of complex and costly installation might be a reason for some companies not to venture into automation. However, you can look for solutions that require minimal work or no coding installation. In addition to simple installation, a user-friendly software that is easy to navigate not only saves time needed for training but also reduces the headache of using unwieldy technology.

Free Trial

Regardless of a company’s reputation and its claims about its software, you should always try to test its functionalities before investing. That way, you will be able to see if the program is really as good as the claims say, and also if that is the right solution for your specific needs. It is a good sign when a vendor offers a free trial, but even if it’s not offered, you can sometimes request it during negotiations.

Pricing Models and Cost Efficiency

As with any purchase, the price of what you are buying should be equivalent to the benefits you are getting. Make sure you check and understand the pricing structure and evaluate the software's value proposition from a financial perspective.

Integration Options

Apart from simple installation, your chosen solution should have the option to integrate with your existing systems. Compatibility other legal or other software adds immense value and ensures a smooth workflow.


Most document comparison software are made for general purposes, and, in many cases, they are capable of handling a diverse range of documents(Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Files, PDF). However, a solution made for a specific industry may offer better precision and more accurate results. You should look for a software tailored for specificities of the legal industry to ensure it has all must-have features, such as DMS integrations with NetDocs and iManage.

Latest technology

Cutting-edge document comparison tools swiftly and accurately identify differences in legal documents. This technology streamlines legal workflows, saving time and reducing human error in manual review. Its effectiveness lies in highlighting changes in complex legal texts, improving precision and efficiency for legal professionals. Incorporating these tools enhances productivity, ensuring thorough scrutiny of agreements and contracts.

Other Factors Worth Considering

Besides mentioned features which are a must-have, it is also wise to check some additional factors that can indicate the quality of the software and service you get.

Client Support

Besides the features of the program itself, it is also important that the provider company offers good service to its customers. You need to be able to rely on them in case any issue arises. When it is an urgent matter, a fast-responding and readily available customer service makes a huge difference.

User Experiences and Reviews

Before investing, search for reviews and testimonials from other legal professionals. Their perspectives can provide valuable insights about the software's strengths and weaknesses.


In such a dynamic industry, choosing a software capable of evolving with technological advancements is crucial. To ensure your chosen solution stays relevant and efficient, it’s wise to look for vendors who are oriented toward advancements and who will provide regular updates to their technology.

Proven Success: Case Studies

Proven success stories can provide a deeper view of software's potential. Look for case studies or examples where the software has made a significant difference in an organization’s legal operations.

The Right Legal Document Comparison Software

Choosing the right legal document comparison software might seem daunting, but by focusing on these key areas, you’re more likely to find a system that fits your needs.  

Draftable Legal fulfills all those requirements. This solution is created with legal practitioners in mind. With legal professionals involved in its creation, this software answers the most important requirements your team has – high levels of accuracy on legal documents, strict data protection protocols, and fast results. Simple installation and compatibility with other programs make it even easier to use without any additional training.

It's about more than just comparing documents – it's about improving efficiency of your legal team and augmenting the delivery of legal services. At Draftable, we understand this, and we aim to deliver the best solution for every customer. Our team is available for any inquiries in order to help you make an informed decision. So, don’t hesitate to contact us or start a free trial.


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